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Line Producing & Production Management

A Line Producer oversees the budget, logistics and operations of a film or television production through pre-production, principal photography and wrap to protect the creative assets of the production and ensure the film is delivered on time and on budget to the production company or studio. 

Production Manager is responsible for facilitating that management of the budget and logistics on a day-to-day basis. 

These two roles are often intertwined, they work closely together to ensure a smooth production fulfills the creative vision. Sometimes these positions are combined into a single role on low budget projects though generally these are two separately defined roles. 

I can function as both a line producer and production manager. However as a member of the Director's Guild America, my work as a UPM must be covered by the guild and thus your project will be required to become signatory to the DGA. My work as Line Producer is not covered by a union or guild. 

To engage me in either of these positions, please reach out and tell me about your project! I would love to read your script, a treatment or see a lookbook that expresses your projects' vision. I am open to all budget sizes, however story content is key to me. I am not interested in horror, gore, or films with excessive violence. I am excited about human interest stories, historical adventures, romantic comedies, and sci-fi/fantasy.



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