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I'm Gilana! 

I'm a DGA Production Manager and Line Producer based in New York City - Brooklyn to be precise - and I love it. I love New York and I love making films. 

I've spent 15 years working in Network Television (CBS, NBC, FX) and Feature Films released theatrically and via Netflix. I worked my way up within the production office as a Production Coordinator and onto Production Manager. While navigating my day job I've spent many weekends over the years developing and producing short films and music videos before starting Go Be One Motion Pictures with filmmaker Oliver Brooks. I have broad experience working on various budgets levels with both Union and Non-Union crews in New York City and nationwide. 

I also love to travel! The desert and the jungle inspire me equally and I'm drawn to stories about adventures that open both the heart and the mind. 

I am fluent in French and MovieMagic Budgeting. I enjoy reading new scripts and finding the best ways to solve production challenges efficiently to make the filmmaking experience better both in front of and behind camera. 

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