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An international commercial music video for Nestle’s Maxibon ice cream brand. Produced in association with Rab Media and Akitaoff (Italy).


Directed by Roberto Saku Cinardi Cinematography by Nathan McGarigal


Akitaoff Producers: Mapi Brambilla, Davide Rizzi Rab Media Producers: Robert Bartolome,

Allison Freitas 

The Hours by EXIT MUSIC

"The Hours" by Exit Music. This music video was produced in July 2011 for the multi-talented musical duo singer/actress

Aleksa Palladino and her counterpart Devon Church.


Directed by Will Joines

Photographed by Zoe White.

The Night by EXIT MUSIC

"The Night" by ExitMusic

The second single from New York based band ExitMusic. Album produced by Secretly Canadian Records.

Filmed on Location in Maryland. 


Directed by Will Joines

Photographed by Zoë White 

Edited by Graham Mason

Color & VFX by Nat Jencks

Passage by EXIT MUSIC

“Passage” by ExitMusic, the third music video from this production team.                               Filmed on Location in North Carolina.


Directed by Will Joines

Photographed by Daryl Pittman

AC - Kevin Marshall

Props/Art/Fire - Don Joines 

Edited by Zach Clark 

Colored by Tom Sawyer

Into the Depths by SOFT MOON

"Into the Depths by The Soft Moon. A post-punk band based in San Francisco, CA. This music video for the single “Into the Depths”. 


Directed by Will Joines

Photographed by Zoe White

Edited by Sowjanya Kudva

Starring Laurel Holland


Miracle” was a hit single from Swedish pop princess Sally Shapiro’s second album, “My Guilty Pleasure” out September 2009. Filmed on location in New York City and Upstate New York.


Directed by Will Joines

Photographed by Zoe White on the REDOne. 

It premiered on

The Hours
The Night
Into the Depths
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